"Supernova" - Beat Audio Earphone Cable


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"Supernova" - Beat Audio Earphone Cable

Many have been curious about how our Supernova sounds like, and all I can say is that it sounds as astonishing as a Supernova. Of course, its look is equally spectacular. The shinny silver sleeves of the cable side the clear tubings allows it to look as bring as a Supernova for ages! Yes, it looks similar to our Silver Sonic MKV, but even better. Of course, with more silver threads, this thicker cable delivers unbelievable clarity. If anyone is looking for a high end silver earphone upgrade cable with an elegant silver look, do not miss out on this gem! Needless to say, the cable has pre-bent segment around the ears for comfort and easy wear, and tank like build quality as always.

If you have any questions, please contact us.�
The default length of IEM cables is 1.2 meters. If you want to customize your cable length, please contact us.
This refers to the sockets on your earphones. You would have to select from our choices of: UM custom, JH custom, UE custom, UE TF10, Senn IE8, Shure SE535. If you have other earphones with detachable cable, please contact us for further information.
You can choose freely among the plugs that we are offering: Yarbo, Beat Audio 3.5mm (gold), and right angled Neutrik. We are also offering this cable with the 4-pin balanced connector for the Protector and SR-71B from Ray Samuels Audio.

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The warranty period is 6 months.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 November, 2010.