Unique Melody Mentor - 10 driver custom/universal IEM

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What? Something better than the Miracle?
Yes, we surpassed ourselves once again!

The Unique Melody Mentor is for those who want something better than our existing custom in-ear monitors. With 10 balanced armatures per earpiece, we are offering you a pinnacle experience in those small and beautifully finished acrylic shells with 3 bores to better support our 4 way crossover design.
The UM Mentor has already been added as an option in our CIEM designer. Hurry up and get some unique designs for yourself as a new year gift now!

For those you want the Mentor in a 3D printed universal fit shell, no problem! Worrying about the durability? We have already taken that into consideration, and equipped our universal Mentors with metallic canals, which are compatible with silicon and foam tips of various sizes. Check out the image tab for more pictures! If no special requests are stated, the universal Mentor will have the default look just like those in the pictures. Customers who want customized universal Mentor, please email us for more information.
The price for a universal fit Mentor is only $1249 USD.

Many are curious about how the Mentor came about, and here's our story. After the Miracle has been a successful hit, customers wanted something better. We tried the active crossover set-up, but many do not like the idea of bringing a dedicated box with them. Therefore, we had to work within the minute space of those acrylic shells.

Some asked for more bass, so we threw in two more balanced armatures for low. Others desire thicker vocal and smoother highs, so we tossed in two more drivers in the mid to high region. Initially, it didn't work out quite well since having good sound is not as simple as that. Therefore, we had to start from scratch, thinking about different drivers to use for the 10 driver 4 way crossover configuration. We used something totally different for low drivers, and yes, four of them. For those vocal fans, we order pricey drivers that we have never used before for the mid frequency due to their heavy price tag. The manufacture claimed that particular driver performs two times better than other ones, and therefore, charging us twice as expensive. Without contemplating on the cost, our lead engineering was putting two of those premium drivers per earpiece!

There were definitely times of frustration and despair, but the support and love from UM fans kept us going. After sleepless nights, we had it. Ten BA drivers all squeezed in those tiny earpieces just for the heavenly experience. It was not easy, but as long as you guys can better enjoy your tunes with the Mentor, we are contented.  

Note: For new Unique Melody custom earphones, they can be re-shelled but not upgraded. 

Drivers per ear: Low: 4 armature drivers, Mid: 2 armature drivers, Mid-High: 2 armature drivers, High: 2 armature drivers
Sensitivity (at 1kHz): 112dB spl
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20000Hz
Impedance: 20ohm
Noise isolation: -26dB
Accessories included: 50" cable, metallic carrying case, cleaning tools.

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For Japanese speakers, please search hash tag "#um_uf" on Twitter.
Custom version: Two year warranty(excluding cable). 60 day free refit.
Universal version: Two year warranty(excluding cable). No refit.

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