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"Oslo II" - Beat Audio Earphone Cable

This is the best cable of what Beat Audio offers. Superb good quality, serious black appearance, best quality silver material, and the most advanced technology went into making this Oslo II. We had the Cronus as our flagship, and we did the miracle to achieve something even better. Previously, we had our Oslo, which was then further improved to what you are seeing today. Customers wondered how much better this high end cable can improve upon their current cable. Well, those who switched to the Oslo II from Cronus reported significant improvement! Is it worth its price tag? If you want the best sound and best build quality, the Oslo II is definitely on your list for audiophile quality aftermarket upgrade cables for your beloved earphones and in-ear monitors!

If you have any questions, please contact us.�
The default length of IEM cables is 1.2 meters. If you want to customize your cable length, please contact us.
This refers to the sockets on your earphones. You would have to select from our choices of: UM custom, JH custom, UE custom, UE TF10, Senn IE8, Shure SE535. For the EX1000 connectors, customers would have to provide the original cable so we can cut out the original connectors for this new cable. If you have other earphones with detachable cable, please contact us for further information.
We strongly suggest the ViaBlue or the Beat Audio audio jacks for this cable. We are also offering this cable with the 4-pin balanced connector for the Protector and SR-71B from Ray Samuels Audio. If you have other special requests, please contact us.

A review written by an anonymous Japanese audiophile:
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The warranty period is 6 months.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 July, 2011.

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