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We are proud to present the Sapphire as the most economic option in our Beat Audio earphone/IEM upgrade cable line up. The Sapphire is a silver cable that underwent many alterations to present you the sound you will hear as of now. Besides the sound quality, the Sapphire offers the same build quality as those of our more expensive cables with tight connectors and tangle-free sleeves. � � � �
The default length of IEM cables is approximately 1.2 meters. If you want to customize your cable length, please contact us.
This refers to the sockets on your earphones. You would have to select from our choices of: UM custom, JH custom, UE custom, UE TF10, Senn IE8, Shure SE535, etc. If you have other earphones with detachable cable, please contact us for further information.
You can choose freely among the plugs that we are offering, and if you want something special, please contact us.�

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The warranty period is 6 months. Warranty does not cover broken cables due to misuse and abuse.�

If you have any questions, please contact us.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 November, 2010.