Unique Melody Platform Pure | PP6


This is an evolutionary move in ear listening experience. The Unique Melody Platform Pure 6 is the first to combine DSP, DAC, Tri-amplified truly active crossover with a totally revised six driver custom in ear monitor to bring you to the next level in audio bliss.

DAC + Tri-AMP (Inc Active 3 way Crossover[L,M,H]) + 6 driver IEM = Unique Melody PP6.

Our Unique Melody Miracle is still one of the best IEM's available on the market. We developed it, we released it, then we tried to best it. We tried dynamics. We tried hybrids. We tried eight driver four way triple bore IEM's and we couldn't beat it! So we had to look outside the box. The source.

There's a wide range of amps and DAC's on the market now. All of them were required to work with a wide range of output devices. We tried heaps of them. We tried big amps, small amps, tube amps, portable amps. Nothing satisfied. We needed full control. We needed to take the crossover OUT of the IEM. The result is the PP6 and it's truly active three way crossover (three way per side, 6 amplifiers in all [ Left Low, Left Mid, Left High, Right Low, Right Mid, Right High). Go on, have a look. You'll find no resistors, no PCB's, NO CROSSOVERs inside the PP6. This is the reason why you can only use the designated 6 driver IEM with this fully packed black box.

So how does it sound? Well, Unique Melody PP6 takes the balance, accuracy and soundstage of the Unique Melody Miracle to the next level. Clearer. Cleaner. More accurate. More Soundstage. More Space. More dynamics. Everything is improved. If this is what you are after, the PP6 will bring a huge grin to your face EVEN if you already love your Miracle. For you bass heads, we've added a DIGITALLY controlled variably bass output switch, letting you switch from +0dB, +6dB and +9dB.

Let us clarify one thing though, the PP6 and the Miracle do share the same HIGH end drivers, but the mids and the lows are completely different. Revamped, to ensure cohesive synergy with the INDIVIDUAL amplifers for each signal path. Allowing for USB (Micro), Optical or Coaxial digital inputs at 24/Bit/96kHz the PP6 will adapt easily to your rig. Plug it in to your PC or Mac and it's now your DAC. Too easy! Sure, you might not be lugging this unit around to your next gig, but for personal listening, you can't go past this winning combo. 8 Hours from a single charge means it'll get you through the day with no problems too.

The Unique Melody Platform Pure 6 is your AMP, DAC and IEM bundle thrown together in one simple unit that sounds simply fantastic.

Update: customers who order now will receive free faceplate insertions such as titanium or wood plates. Artworks will be included in the price as well.

Accessories included: 50" Silver cable, black Cable, exquisite box, USB cable.

Two year warranty (excluding cable). 60 day free refit.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 July, 2012.